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Ellesmere Park High

Consilium Academies

The Trust now has 8 Secondary Academies across 3 hubs in the North of England

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Meet the Pastoral Team

Meet the Team

Mr D Aspinall- Head of Year 7 & 8
Miss K Barratt- Assistant Headteacher- Personal Development and Well-Being/ Head of Key Stage 4
Mr H Brophy Behaviour Officer
Mrs S Calderwood- Family Support Worker
Mrs D Grime- Transition Officer
Mrs J Howard- Student Support Officer
Mrs L Kavanagh- Student Development Coordinator (Key Stage 4)
Miss C Mackenzie- Head of Year 9
Miss V O’Farrell- Assistant- Student Behaviour and Attitudes


Form Tutors

If you would like to contact your child’s Head of Year or Form Tutor you can do this by contacting the school office or emailing ephs@salford.gov.uk

Year 7

Head of Year- Mr D Aspinall
7A- Miss Middleton 7B- Mr O’Neill 7C- Miss Hiles 7D- Mr Simbanegavi 7E- Mr Cotton 7F- Mrs Greensmith & Miss Arshad

Year 8

8A- Miss Fudge 8B- Miss Barker & Miss Arshad 8C- Mr Sykes 8D- Mrs Aribisala 8E- Mr Connolly 8F- Miss Flanagan

Year 9

Head of Year- Miss C Mackenzie
9A- Mrs Lloyd 9B- Miss Keenaghan 9C- Miss Fell 9D- Mr Graham 9E- Mr Leang 9F- Mrs Starr

Year 10

Head of Year- Miss K Barratt
10A- Mr Gordon 10B- Mr Small 10C- Mrs Campbell & Mr Motler 10D- Mrs Leadbetter 10E- Mr Davies 10F- Mr Sweeney

Year 11
 11A- Mrs Coldwell 11B- Mrs Taylor 11C- Miss Taylor 11D- Miss Connor 11E- Miss Waltham 11F- Miss Connolly 11G- Mrs Baqutai